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Benchmark Services provides professional, high quality office removal services which have evolved over many years. Our approach and process is geared towards assisting our Customers in a calm and structured way through what can be considered a very stressful time.

Our appointed Move Manager will discuss your requirements in detail and produce a Plan of action to cover all aspects. A team will be assembled and all special equipment that may be required e.g. stair-walkers, cranes, lifting tables etc. will be assigned

Every care and attention will be given to the packing of items and Benchmark will provide all packing materials including bespoke built crates, tea crates, bubble wrap, anti-static wrap, IT crates and such like.

The use of specialist solid-sided vehicles with AirRide® suspension and full height tail-lifts ensure that all items are transported safely and securely.

If required, interim storage can be provided for items that cannot be accommodated in the immediate term.

Benchmark can also provide disposal of redundant or surplus assets.


If you think we can help with your moving requirements then please get in contact.