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Planetary news from Pluto? Moving Lab Equipment

Not two weeks after the revelation that there is free flowing water on Mars, NASA are wetting our appetites yet again with news of an “amazing” discovery about Pluto to be released. Benchmark Services – Specialists in moving lab equipment, latest blog.

It’s amazing!

NASA remains guarded about the new information, just as they did regarding the recent news about the red planet. Even Doctor Alan Stern, their very own Principal Investigator on NASA’s “New Horizons Pluto Mission” is sworn to secrecy. Making the announcement that something big was coming during a speech at the University of Alberta, Canada he said “NASA won’t let me tell you what we’re going to tell you on Thursday. It’s amazing.”

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NASA’s either paying due diligence to the scientific burden of proof, or playing the PR game of raising expectations and hype in their new discovery (or maybe both?) but one thing is for sure, they certainly have new information about Pluto recently. Last week they unveiled new images of the surface of Pluto, showing details of landscape made up of mountains, craters and gorges.

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Whatever they’ve discovered, it’s certainly got Stern’s full attention. “This world is alive” he said to The Guardian. “It has weather, it has hazes in the atmosphere, active geology… Every week I am floored.” If a scientist can get that excited about a planet that’s 7.5 billion kilometers away from the Earth, then I guess something must be up.

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But there is no concrete word as yet about what the new discovery might be. We do know that Pluto has vast mountainous dune fields, a multicoloured surface, and a few other mysterious things that have yet to be explained by scientists’ efforts. The upcoming announcement could pertain to any one of these.

It’s certainly been a big year for NASA in the discovery department, from Kepler 452b (known now as “Earth 2.0) and the recent Mars discovery, it looks for NASA like big news may come in threes.

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